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The “old-school” Standard Electric fire alarm pull stations are instantly recognizable for their unique circular design. Also unique to this pull station is the key used to reset it. As these pull stations have been out of production for decades, it is practically impossible to find original key copies.

Fortunately, we have the next best thing: 3D-printed copies of the Standard Electric pull station key. These keys won’t be available for purchase until early to mid February 2019, but we are offering you the chance to pre-order a copy!

PRICE: $24.95*

Since obtaining inventory of 3D prints usually has a multiple-week turnaround, pre-ordering will allow you to receive your key as soon as we receive inventory. When you pre-order, no commitment to purchase a key is made. It is simply a way for us to purchase sufficient quantities of inventory to ensure they are delivered to you in a timely manner.

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*The price of $24.95 is our target selling price. It is not a guarantee that this will be the final price of the key.